Monday, June 23, 2014

Presenting a New Blog/ Website Experience!

Manchaug Pond from the Beaton Property
MPF's Beaton Farm Property with Manchaug Pond in background
Dear Readers,  MPF is making web improvements you will love!

This week Thursday, when you visit this blog, it will automatically bring you to the new Manchaug Pond Foundation/Manchaug Pond website/blog.

You'll not only find this blog section, complete with all eight years of posts and photos, but an easy, expanded format, vivid photos, an expanding calendar of events, and educational sections about the lake, visiting, and living best in its watershed. 

The goal is to put forth a stunning informative educational experience for all our readers both at the lake and away showcasing beautiful Manchaug Pond and the important conservation work of the Manchaug Pond Foundation. 

Over the years we’ve been made aware of how important the blog is to readers around the world:  with our new setup readers can sign up with an RSS Feed Reader if they like, or they can sign up for direct e-mails whenever the blog is updated.  Additionally, if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you’ll see that new blog posts are automatically updated to both services.  Basically we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for you to stay in touch with us and Manchaug Pond.

We would love to hear from you as we continue to put this together!  We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions as to what you would like to see. So be sure to comment on the new site!
Contact us buttons are available for more information and you will be able to send in your photos for placement in our galleries.

So spread the word and check out    I'll see you there!

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