Saturday, December 13, 2008

Manchaug Pond's Waterlevel

Yesterday, while the ice storm did not hit the lake, the rainfall is bringing in volumes of water primarily runoff from the watershed. The lake level has been maintained at a much higher level than usual this fall so it will be something to watch.

The following photos, also taken yesterday, show water coming in from the watershed at two locations: Lackey Road and Aldrich Pond. The flow also brought out the Town's Highway Department staff to clear ditches on Manchaug Road.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

October, November, and now December POSTPONED!

BELIEVE IT OR NOT! it is official.... The continuation of the Sutton Conservation Commission Public Hearing to consider the changes proposed by the Manchaug Pond dam ownerHAS BEEN POSTPONED to JANUARY!

... so much for the dam owner and the town working to get the waterlevel down to its lowest level before December 1 as recommended by the MASS Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. December 1 in order to protect "Amphibians, reptiles and other aquatic organisms (who) need to be able to move to deeper water before ice formation and substrate freezing. etc." So much for my spring peepers and others who were eliminated from the cove behind my home last year because of the new waterlevel. So much for 15 years of good, state-of-the-art, cost-free control of invasive exotic aquatic weed species as recommended by Lycott Environmental.

Can't blog now.... while others ponder, the MPA is busy.


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