Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sacred Sunday: Sunset

Today's photo was taken by an MPA member with his new Nikon DSLR camera. Keep those photos coming!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Busy on Manchaug Pond!

Today a comic in the Telegram, Rhymes with Orange has three prisoners checking out the yard bulletin board for their work detail assignments with "Highway Clean Up," "Farm Detail," and "License Plates," the only jobs posted... we see one inmate sighing "No canoeing or archery."  

This morning there is a beautiful cool breeze off the lake, with temperatures in the low 70's.

Yesterday at mid-day and in full sun, that same thermometer showed 127.9 degrees.  On Facebook, the Millbury-Sutton Chronicle asked, "Its the middle of summer and it's hot, where are peole going to stay cool? Any suggestions?"  One said Lake Singletary, the other Manchaug Pond.

Earlier this week and the past few weeks, Manchaug Pond's water level and the future of the dam has been the topic of discussions at a number of meetings and conference calls. Your officers and directors from the MPA remain diligent on this issue.

Also the FUNdrai$ing Committee is planning a Halloween costume party and the 2nd annual DAM road race/walk. The purpose is not only to provide a great community social event but also to raise more money to continue our push to preserve the waterlevel and oppose the breach of the dam.

The MPA Board has formed a new committee to look into private grants sources and reports new members working on the newsletter, the August annual meeting, and the weed issue.

A second grant application was submitted to the state 319 Stormwater Grant program which looks at another 5 problem sites on Manchaug Pond which contribute to the fouling of our water quality and promote weed growth. We should hear late this year on whether or not Manchaug is selected to receive some of those federal Clean Water Act funds.

Thursday's sunset on Manchaug Pond.
Each and every one of you is personally invited to get involved - serve on a committee, work an issue, be a member or friend, attend an event.  Let me know if you are interested, have a few moments to donate or need more information.  Any donation to Manchaug Pond Foundation gets you on the mailing list. A newsletter is in the making as we speak. Use paypal or send a bit of a check to MPF, P.O. Box 154, Manchaug, MA  01526

The next blog posts will star more winners on Manchaug Pond:  the winners of the BIG BOAT RAFFLE!, the winner of the grill raffle at King's Family Campground, and more boats in the boat decorating contest!  Tune in!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Our 2nd Winning Boat Sports the Fenway

Catching 2nd place in the 2011 2nd Annual Boat Decorating Contest is #9  Captain Dave Schmidt's Fenway Park!

The judges noted the originality of the entry, and the theme's hometown pride and promotion of the great Amerian pasttime. Which they felt was in keeping with the July 4th holiday.

The scoreboard especially earned points with the judges who also loved the Citgo sign!


Stay tuned.... more winners to come!

Monday, July 04, 2011

2011 Boat Decorating Contest 1st Place Winner

# 17 Captain Bob Cadrin and the Pirates of Manchaug took 1st place in this year's 2nd Annual Boat Decorating Contest!

The judges especially loved the mast and sail, the water cannons (which did not fire on the judges!), the costumes, the music, the skeleton, and the very animated crew and their funny mock sword fight!

Click on the video below to catch them "sailing away" in their jolly boat!


Tune in tomorrow for more winners!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Boat Decorating Contest a Blast! The unofficial photos...

There were those who didn't enter...

... and then there were those who did!  About 20 entries gathering on Blueberry Island to overwhelm the judges whose task was to choose the 3 best vessels!

All winners to be sure!  With lots of laughs shared by participants and spectators!

Judges official comments and photos to come!  Stay tuned!  

WHO do YOU think is our BEST effort this year??  Comment below!

July 4th Weekend - Manchaug all aglow!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

A Request for Flag Etiquette... How do I hang the flag on my house?

Display of the American flag

Behind a Speaker?
Display horizontally behind and above the speaker's head.
American Flag
 Flat against a wall?
Display horizontally or vertically with Canton at flags own right. (or to viewers left)
Vertical American Flag
American Flag
In a window?
Display vertically with Canton at flags own right. (or to outside viewers left)
Vertical American Flag


Displaying an American flag outside my House

On a Pole attached to the wall?
Hang Flag at the top of a pole either horizontally or diagonally from the wall with any other flags below it on the same staff or another staff.
On a horizontal rope from a building?

Hang flag vertical with the Canton farthest from the building.

Displaying an American flag on a Flagpole

More than one flag on a pole?
The US Flag should always fly above other flags and should be the same size or larger than the others.
One flag each on many poles?
The US Flag should always fly on it's own right. When flying with other country flags all flags should be the same size and fly at the same height as the others.

Can I leave my American flag out at night?

The US Flag should always fly in light. If you can see the flag clearly either by mounting a light directed towards it or because of street lights or house lights than it can remain outside during the night. It may also be economical to bring your flag in during harsh weather to save it from excessive tearing. Most flags are considered all-weather however if you buy a 2-ply polyester flag it is the industries strongest and longest lasting flag available.


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