Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dam Repairs Still Being Planned

Here's a view of how the lake and the dam looked today.

Two boards are out of the spillway and the gate is open a bit as mandated by the State as part of their order to Guilford - concern was the hurricane season and the inability to control the gate and get enough water out in a short period of time.

The MPA President was on the phone quite a bit this week to find out the latest details from all parties involved... Right now - The State has granted Guilford's request to keep the waterlevel up until Labor Day so that we can enjoy the season. (Thank you!) After Labor Day watch the lake waterlevel closely. You may need to take your boats out soon. Guilford has had their engineers out to look at the dam this week, monitoring the situation, calculating the flow and time needed to bring down the lake and waiting for government approval and instructions. The State and the Town of Sutton's Conservation Commission will actually decide the details as to how aggressively (how low and how fast) the water will be taken down, and when that will happen. Guilford is sensitive to the needs and use of the lake by us residents and has asked the government agencies for rulings which best address our concerns to keep the waterlevel as high as possible in the main part of the lake and let the lake fill to normal as soon as possible after repairs are made. Repairs are only expected to take about a week.

Check in here for the latest! I'll let you know when word comes to hitch the boat trailer!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

MPA Annual Meeting-Always informative and friendly

Who brought their camera?! I forgot :( Email pictures if you did!

Well, for those of you who didn't venture out today to the Annual Meeting - you missed a lot!
Info, info, info!
Offee and great pastries!
And the great lake friends I only get to see once a year!

Also about the new location ... a number of members complained that Camp Blanchard was too small, too hard to get to on foot for the older members, and too much work to clean. So we decided to try a new location ... the Blackstone National Grill at the golf course was booked through September; someone on the board said St. Anne's church hall would be too hot without air conditioning if the weather was warm; someone else suggested Singletary Rod and Gun but there is a bar there and doesn't it sound like that other lake association in Sutton should meet there?! ... so one of our board members arrranged the Whitinsville Fish & Game's pavillion. Under a great roof, plenty of tables, clean, near a trout stocked pond, plenty of parking, and free too BUT having lived my almost 50 years of life in Sutton, the place my grandmother from Webster Square called "Journey's End", I never would have thought it could take an hour to get to Douglas! and that a right turn could mean a left turn and where numerous gun shots highlight the President report! Did anyone not get lost?? Tell us the details if you did! I think we will be back next year at the Y. Did anyone miss the brownies?

Seriously, it was a good meeting and obvious that this organization is PROACTIVE and on top of EVERY issue of concern to its members. This week I will report on the information brought to the over 50 people attending.

Tomorrow's topic - the upcoming dam repairs and the soon to be LOW water level. Stay tuned!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Annual Meeting - Rain or Shine!

Rain or shine tomorrow's MPA Annual Meeting is happening! This year we are trying a morning meeting over coffee and soda, donuts, muffin and bagels at the Whitinsville Fish & Game in Douglas. There is a large pavilion to accomodate us as well as a large indoor hall if needed. This year's site also offers easy access, cleaner more modern restrooms, and a larger space to accomodate the entire membership!

Give it a try! Take a ride out tomorrow! I'll see you there!

There are a number of ways to get to the facility but our President found this one well marked with great signs and the roads easier to follow: Starting at the Citgo Extra Mart in Douglas follow Route 16 east for 2.9 miles. Turn right onto West Street and go 1.7 miles.Turn right onto Martin Road and go .4 miles turning left on to White Court which is the driveway of the Whitinsville Fish & Game. :))

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Water Level To Be Taken Down Another 6 Inches

If you are wondering why the water is running out of the spillway let me tell you. I heard from Guilford Thursday night and he asked me to pass on this information....

Fuddy has been notified by the Guilford office in Maine that the state of Massachusetts has required that the lake be brought down an additional 6 inches and is sending a dam inspector tomorrow, Friday morning, to observe as Fuddy takes out the boards from the spillway. (We are currently down 6 inches below full.) Fuddy says this is an "emergency act" - a precaution- as the gate is broken/jammed closed and heavy rains are expected Sunday. This will take us down an additional 6 inches bringing the total to 12 inches down from full.

We had a good level all summer and really can't complain can we! Remember with the broken gate they could of drained us a month ago!

I know the downstream residents of Steven's Pond will welcome more water!

Have a good weekend!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Annual Meeting - Mark Your Calendar!

With August coming to a close it is time for the MPA Annual Meeting! Mark your calendar and plan to attend.

Saturday, August 26th
10:00 to noon
Whitinsville Fish and Game in Douglas
White Ct. Douglas

Agenda items will include: the dam, the non point source pollution grant, election of officers and directors, and anything you want to talk about!

Coffee, donuts, muffins and bagels are on the menu for this morning meeting.

This new location offers a beautiful pavillion with picnic tables, lawn area overlooking a pond as well as indoor facilities if it rains. Easy access for young and old. Room for the entire membership plus! I'll see you there!

For direction click the title of this post. You can take either Depot St off of the Main St. in Douglas or head west a bit and take Franklin St to White Court. Check the link for the Yahoo Map for best directions.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Little Story.... Boat Repairs

What do you do when you need to put a new propellor on your boat?

Take the old one off right?! Well, it is not always that easy or that cheap.

We heard a story about a man who came into Consumer Auto Parts for a torque wrench. Seems he is a bass fisherman who was charged $118 by a local garage to put on the new propellor. Next time he will be able to do the job himself for a lot le$$ as he bought a beauty of a wrench with a nice case for only $78.


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