Thursday, July 25, 2013

90 days later... Done Deal: Beaton Farm Property Preserved!

MPF President David Schmidt signs final documents preserving 100 acres for Manchaug Pond.
Treasurer Andrew Mosher at left and attorney James Vevone look on.

The signing of final papers by MPF President Dave Schmidt and his report of "done deal!" marks the end of a gallant and incredibly successful and intense effort to preserve 100 acres of Manchaug Pond watershed with 875 ft of shoreline.  MPF ownership of the Beaton property has been realized.  

The current tenants and agricultural use will remain long-term, complimenting the neighborhood's focus of agriculture, and preserving the current use.  No sale, no development, and contrary to reports by the Telegram,  no thoughts or plans for a visitor's center by the MPF - respect to the privacy of our tenants and preservation of the natural state of the property to enhance Manchaug Pond and the watershed is our sole focus.

Our deepest gratitude:
  • to the MPF Board of Directors - 20 individuals whose vision, leadership and hard work make Manchaug Pond a better place.
  • to the Sutton Town Administrator and Board of Selectman for giving us their right of first refusal and the chance to try our hand at the conservation of this significant parcel.
  • to the seller for accepting our purchase and sales agreement on not just the 73 acres of Chapter 61A land but the entire 100 acres.
  • to our legal team at Seder & Chandler who kept up and helped us pulled off "the improbable, if not impossible," all within deadline:  Attorneys Todd Rodman, James Vevone and Judge Mel Greenberg.
  • to Telegram reporter Mark Blazis and Susan Spencer for getting the word out early stressing the importance and urgency of our effort to the wider community.
  • to the many who called bringing words of encouragement, options, and finally the funds needed for success.
  • to our gracious and most generous donors: our "white knights" whose selfless acts of great generosity enrich our community and made this preservation possible.
  • to our MPF Board of Directors and members, old and new, who make our organization a true and formidable advocate and steward of Manchaug Pond.
  • to future donors who will help us with the necessary funds of closing costs, etc and the tools to be good stewards of this property.

All 100 acres of watershed spanning two towns with 875 feet of shoreline has been preserved - no sale! no development!  All to enhance the water quality and environment of Manchaug Pond.

 Bravo Manchaug Pond Foundation!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Deserving a Standing Ovation - Our Dam Caretakers!

      Here it is July 15th and the lake waterlevel is at FULL!

Three cheers to our dam caretakers from the staff at the Town of Sutton for their diligent work at the dam!
  • For getting those flashboards in early!
  • For keeping the waterlevel safe during tropical storm Andrea!
  • For maintaining FULL through the season!
  • For checking the dam and controls daily and being on call 24/7!

All of us with homes, cottages, and camps around the lake, campers at Manchaug Pond's many campgrounds, the near 180 children who visit the YMCA each day for day camp, the many recreational boaters who dock here, those that come to the campground for day swimming,  the boaters and fishermen who access the waters through the Boat Ramp, those who ride by and love the view, and those that live downstream ALL extend our hearty thanks in appreciation!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Next Issue of SPLASH Is In the Making!

Do you love our newsletter? Well, the next issue of the MPF's Splash is slated to hit your mailbox within a month.  It is currently in committee with our officers and committees putting together articles, updates and notices of future events with plenty of photos for your information and enjoyment.

If you have a photo you would like to share, a story from the days of old, a great cookout recipe, a lake joke, or fishing tip - whatever!  send it in to

If you are not on our mailing list, let us know or send a donation large or small to MPF, P.O. Box 154, Manchaug, MA  01526 with your name, address and email address (so you can receive our email notices!)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

When you're away from Manchaug Pond, her beauty remains!

Monday's sunset:

Sunday, July 07, 2013


The waterlevel is at FULL, right at the top of the flashboards.  1 1/2" of rain fell with today's downpours.

Dam caretaker's goal is to maintain FULL through the season - weather permitting.  Questions? Concerns? Ask them here with the MPF.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Judges pick their favorites in the 4th Annual Boat Decorating Contest!

1st Place:  

Captain Bob Cadrin's Manchaug Pond Fire and Rescue Team 

Clearly this year's winner! This entry not only had a theme clearly visible from the shore but had all the details and plenty of action from a smoking fire, to water squirting from the Dalamation and firefighters, to costumes, props, music and singing, lights and sirens and more. The judges love a boat that is fully involved and this one "had excitement, fun, costumes, action and a theme that stuck out right away." Bravo!
 and a three way tie for 2nd place!

2nd Place: 

Radio Flyer   
by Captain Karen Bronson    
No question this entry was a winner for the very unique and highly visible "great exterior!"
 The captain even sported pigtails!

Manchaug Pond Country Club's
 19th Hole  
by Captains Paul & Patti Eklund    
The judges found the 19th Hole to be a hole in one!  "Having a lot going on,"  the country club bowrider had all the props from the golf clubs and quiet sign to the drinks at the 19th hole to the golfers with visors and even a big cigar!

Blueberry Island  
by Captain Rose Charpentier

The judges found this a winner for its creativity in the choice of theme and the great acting.  "She had it all!" ... painted her boat with sand and waves, blueberry bushes, flag, Christmas tree, and a lawn chair with all the props from a cooler to litter flying out of the boat!

3rd Place:

The 80's
by Captain Ted Demeo

 This entry was also a real pleaser as the judges found "plenty of action" with Van Halen and Journey on this boat! 

And an Honorable Mention goes to the  Sutton Police Dept. for Lake Patrol boat which just happened to be on Manchaug Pond during the judging.  Thank you for their service to Manchaug Pond and commitment to safe boating!

Here's more photos of all of the participants: PacMan, gangsters, pirates, Support of Troops Flagship and more!  Thank you for making July 4th week the best for Manchaug Pond!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Lighting of the Shoreline!

Remember!  Tonight is the LIGHTING OF SHORELINE - 9 PM. Flares or tiki torchs, light your beach or shoreline showing solidarity with the Manchaug Pond Foundation.


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