Thursday, May 31, 2007


A sign at the Manchaug Pond Public Boat Ramp still advertises the finding of a 14 K gold man's wedding ring. Give the inscription and it is yours!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Massachusetts Safe Boating Week May 19-25

Manchaug Pond has been quiet this week. Did you know it is Safe Boating Week in Massachusetts. Here's the official press release!

State Officials Urge Bay Staters to Observe Boat Safety Rules May 19-25 is Massachusetts Safe Boating Week

BOSTON – With Memorial Day and the start of the summer recreation season fast approaching, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Ian Bowles and the Massachusetts Environmental Police (MEP) kicked off Safe Boating Week by urging Massachusetts residents to wear life jackets and observe other boating laws and guidelines.

“While it is a great form of recreation, boating can be risky if precautionary measures are not taken to protect oneself, family and friends…We encourage all boaters to ‘Boat Smart from the Start,’” states a proclamation signed by Gov. Deval Patrick to declare May 19-25 Safe Boating Week in Massachusetts.

In addition to wearing life jackets, officials urged boaters to take a safety course, stay sober while boating, and make sure their boats are reliable and in good repair.

“As an avid boater myself, I know people are eager to get onto the Commonwealth’s waterways at this time of year. By taking a few important precautions, boaters can have fun but also stay safe,” Secretary Bowles said.

According to MEP Director James Hanlon, there were nine fatalities from boating accidents in Massachusetts last year. Eight were drownings and none of the victims wore a life jacket. Nationally, hundreds of people drown in boating-related accidents each year, and eight out of every ten victims were not wearing life jackets. In Massachusetts, the past decade has seen 95 boating fatalities. Hanlon said this is a one-third reduction from the previous ten-year period – an improvement attributed to expansion of boater education and marine enforcement, and safer boats and related equipment.

“Wearing a life jacket is the most important factor between life and death in many boating accidents,” said Hanlon.

Massachusetts law requires children under age 12 and all jet-ski riders and water-skiers to wear approved life jackets when boats are under way. The Commonwealth’s boating laws also prohibit anyone under age 12 from operating a motorboat unless accompanied and directly supervised by a competent person 18 years of age or older. Youths aged 12 through 15 must complete an approved basic boating course before operating a motorboat without adult supervision. Operating any vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.

The Environmental Police encourage boaters of all ages to take a safe boating course. For a schedule of state-run boating courses, as well as links to state- and nationally-approved course providers and other safe boating organizations, visit

Monday, May 21, 2007

So What's Happening? The Non-Point Source Pollution Grant Project and Sutton Election

Hello All!

Life has been busy both on the personal front and with the MPA so I haven't had much time for blog entries.

Let me get you up to date on our Grant Project:

Four of our Board members attended a Start-up Meeting kicking off the s.319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Grant Project. This award is made possible under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act to address prevention, control and abatement of nonpoint source poolution. The April 9th meeting was held at the Milford office of CEI (Comprehensive Enviromental Incorporated) with two engineers assigned to our Manchaug Pond Improvement Project. CEI will provide $56,000 in consulting design and engineering services to the MPA and the Towns of Douglas and Sutton over the course of the 3 year project. All services from CEI will be paid for by federal funds.

This spring is slated for the engineering and design of the stormwater best management practices (BMP) at the 7 priority locations identified around the lake. These include 5 in Sutton on Manchaug Road and the Public Boat Ramp and 2 in Douglas on Oak Street. Specifically, 3 locations on Manchaug Road will see vegetative swale restabilization and plunge pools designed to prevent erosion and filter nutrient carrying water from the watershed before entering the lake. Another Manchaug Road site will see 2 leaching catch basins with a crushed stone bed. The fifth Sutton site, the Public Boat Ramp, will see a bioretention area (a special designed shrub garden to collect run off waters before they reach the lake), 2 leaching catch basins, a plunge pools and a vegetated swale with a gabion check dam. Sounds impressive doesn't it! A ride through the boat ramp shows the steep, paved slope of the parking lot, and the area which drains it all into the lake. The two Douglas sites will include plow pull-off restabilization, 2 plunge pools and vegetated swale restablization.

Summer and Fall of 2007 and into 2008 is slated for the construction of these BMPs by the Douglas and Sutton Town Highway Departments. This grant is bringing in over $64,000 in funds to the towns for construction materials. The towns'existing staff's labor and equipment will be used to complete this part of the project and as part of our matching component.

On another note: tomorrow, May 22nd, is an election day in Sutton. Don't forget to get out there and vote. A proposition 2 1/2 override is on the ballot as well as a question to require the town to once again plow ALL town roads. My road is actually one which will be effected by the outcome of this vote - plowed and graded by the town for decades, two years ago Sutton decided not to plow certain private roads - mine included. I can't tell you how important this one is! My grandson who lives on a private road on the Douglas side of the lake was taken one evening to the hospital - I thank the Town of Douglas for plowing those snowy roads making it possible for the ambulance to get through!

Also on the ballot is a Board of Selectman election. Retired Police Chief John Hebert is running against incumbent Bob Kneeland. You'll remember Chief Hebert attended past MPA Annual Meetings with then Town Administrator Pat Nedorosik. Mrs. Nedorosik worked with us to get the Town's okay on this Grant and Chief Hebert has supported the lake Boat Patrol Program and changed the Public Boat Ramp's opening hours from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. A change we greatly appreciate on the Sat. and Sunday morning as bass boats roar out of the channel!

Enjoy this sunshine! Talk to you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Photo of Manchaug Pond a Winner!

If you didn't receive a complimentary issue of the NEW AND IMPROVED Millbury-Sutton Chronicle, check it out online by clicking the title of this post and turn to page 31 for a beautiful photo of the lake taken by one of our members!

Titled "Drawdown on Lake Manchaug", the photo was submitted as part of the Bi-Community Amateur Photo Contest presented by the Millbury and Sutton Cultural Councils.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Good Morning Manchaug Pond!

I'm back and spring is here in full force! Manchaug Pond's signs of spring: high water, the weekend roar of bass boats announcing 7 a.m., temperatures in the 80's, the spring peepers singing around the lake their nightly songs, marsh marigolds providing the bright yellow along side the skunk cabbage in the watershed, and the simple white blooms of wild dogwood flowering along the road/woodsides... not to mention more company, my children & grandchildren swimming every day and sand on the kitchen floor which needs to be swept twice a day!

Also, my neighbor reports the first boat of the season hit the wall this morning.


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