Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dam closed to 1 inch - Water is high.

Fuddy reports closing the gate to 1 inch on Sunday. He has Whitins open 3 inches. He found this to be his easiest year yet with no hurricanes hitting the area.

On the sale of the mill and three dams, he hasn't heard anything new. He says the dam owner is still trying to find a buyer who wants the whole package. Machines are still being taken out of the mill. Four large heater units have been brought in to heat the mill so the pipes do freeze. The propane blowers are outside the building and are cheaper than hiring staff to fire up the boilers all winter.

On the dams, the Douglas Board of Selectman told the MPA, that while they are not interested in ownership of any of the dams, they do want a written agreement with the future owner(s) that the 16 cubic feet per second flow will be maintained for their town's sewerage treatment plant.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Watershed District Topic of Meeting Set for Thursday

This Thursday, December 14th at 7:00 p.m. all those interested in Manchaug Pond and the MPA's initiative to form a Watershed District are invited to the church hall at St. Anne's Church on Main St in Manchaug across from Bek's Fuels. The MPA President will make a PowerPoint presentation explaining the mission, goals and objectives of the MPA members' call to form the municipal district. Further he and the Treasurer, in working with the District Clerk of the long existing Cedar Meadow Lake Watershed District have worked up an initial budget for the first year and the estimated cost to the pond abutters and those with water rights. Attorney Walter Jabs, hired by the MPA to spearhead this effort, will attend outlining the draft legislation and bylaws which will set the framework for the district. This action is driven by the MPA membership who voted unanimously at two meetings earlier this year to pursue formation of the municipal district.

All interested are invited and encouraged to attend. Bring questions, concerns and thoughts, as the purpose of this meeting is to provide factual information to all.

This meeting is the rescheduled from November where a blackout in Manchaug and

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Manchaug Pond Indian Artifacts in Museum

Do you like arrowheads? Did you find a few while the water level was down?

This week a long time member and resident of Manchaug Pond from Area 2 brought to our attention the fact that a large collection of Indian artifacts from Manchaug Pond are on exhibit at The Robbins Museum in Middleboro.

Here's the details this member provides to all of you:

"WHAT? Indian Artifacts from the Central Massachusetts collection of C.C. Ferguson

WHERE? Massachusetts Archaeological Society at the Robbins Museum of Archaeology 17 Jackson St., Middleboro, Mass. Weds. 9-4 and Sat. 10-2. (Click title for link or call 508-947-9005 for direction and information.)

WHEN? Now through Spring 07'

NOTE: The bulk of C.C. Fergusons's collection comes from Manchaug Pond and downstream along the Mumford River. His collecting done in the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's and is the most complete of Manchaug Pond ever put together.

C.C. was a graduate of Harvard College, an educator and many years Superintendent of Schools in Millbury Mass.

A must see for anyone interested in the antiquities of Manchaug Pond."



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