Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ringed-neck Pheasant on Manchaug Pond

You never know what, or who, you will see when you look our your window here in the watershed of Manchaug Pond! Today, walking casually down the road, was a new bird this writer had yet to see this close to the lake:  a ringed-neck pheasant!

He walked down the road, across a neighbors lawn, along the shore to the water's edge, stood on a rock to look around, and then flew across the channel over to the other side.

Here's a close up:
Did you know their feathers are used in fly tying!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Winner of Patriots Raffle Has A "Very Good Time"

Our recent fundraiser, the Patriots Ticket Raffle, not only brought in needed funds for our effort to preserve our water level, but also great excitement for those buying and selling tickets as well as the winner and his guests!

4 tickets were presented to the holder of winning ticket # 200 (the last ticket printed!)

Thank you to all who participated and to the Patriots for winning this game!


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