Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Judges Comments are in...

In the 2012 Boat Decorating Contest, the judges loved all the entries! Trophies and prize money for the top three winners.  The following comments were noted:

1st- Jaws! -Great acting put her in first place!

2nd- Christmas in July -Excellent! well done!
3rd-  Breast Cancer Awareness - Very emotional entry.

Support the Troops- Patriotic presentation!
Bath Time- Good clean fun!
Chaug Vegas- Great energy- but not in the cards this year.
Flintstones- Great car!
Construction- Clever idea!
Blueberry Island cruise ship- Characters were spot on!
Sports- Good regional presentation!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Our Spectators are the Best! in the 2012 Boat Decorating Contest

Our Manchaug Pond spectators were spectacular!

From the shore came salutes and thumbs-up to the lead boat,  more than one Yabba Dabba Doo!, blasts on the air horns, and the D.J. at King's announcing there was a shark in the water!

Here's a few photos of our spectators:
Floating dock at the Old Holbrook's Campground

Holdbrook's Campground and the Bathtime entry.

The floating dock at King's Family Campground.

They loved all the entries and we loved all the enthusiasm!


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