Monday, May 20, 2013

TO DO LIST for Lovers of Manchaug Pond!

My Action Items - Today the lake is my priority!

Preserve Beaton Farm - all 100+ acres of fields, forests, and shoreline!
1. TAKE A STAND!  Yes, I support MPF's effort to preserve the shoreline, water, and watershed!

VOTE in the poll on the sidebar at the right!  Comment here, and on Facebook as to what Manchaug Pond means to you!

2. MAKE A DONATION - Dig deep!  I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Manchaug Pond NEEDS ME and MPF needs me with them and behind them!

Love Manchaug Pond?  Be a part of the rescue!  Join the MPF to preserve the entire parcel, farmlands, forest, and the 875 ft of waterfront.  

No donation is too small or too big.  Today send your check to MPF, P. O. Box 154, Manchaug, MA, USA  01526-0154 or use the Paypal button on the sidebar.   MPF needs to cover required closing costs: title, surveying and marking, wetlands delineation and flagging, legal fees, etc.

3. SPREAD THE WORD!  I'm going to tell everyone I know what is going on and ask them to help me save our lake!

We can do this!


  1. Way to go MPF! Keep up the good work! I'll donate my coffee money!

  2. took my son there a lot. a kid needs a pond.

  3. All donations are welcome and needed! Thank you.

    And yes, a pond is a great place to grow up. :)



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