Thursday, March 24, 2011

Warning for DOG Owners around Manchaug Pond

Keep an extra special eye on your outdoor pets ...  we have been asked to post this warning as one neighborhood on Manchaug Pond is reporting the loss of four dogs - yes, FOUR dogs who have died within the last week due to anti-freeze poisoning!

Here's some advice:

Besides keeping common hazards such as human medications and household cleaners out-of-paw’s reach, keep your veterinarian’s number handy,  familiarize yourself with the symptoms of poison ingestion—such as vomiting, excessive thirst and difficulty breathing—and, assemble a pet first-aid kit.

Learn more at ASPCA.ORG

Purchases through these links benefit the Manchaug Pond Association.

1 comment:

  1. Do we have any idea when the pond's water level is to rise? This would be important information to know if things need doing before that happens.



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